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Oxboard - Qualität und Sicherheit

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Quality versus  Chinese copy cats

Many ‘fake’ brands in smart balancing board category
• Many price points, ranging 300 USD - 1800 USD
• Market overwhelmed with opportunistic offerings
• Cheap boards have loads of safety hazards and no warranty
• OXBOARD has fully redesigned the smart balancing board
• Own production plant, shipping ex stock Netherlands
• Focus on quality, service and warranty
• Focus on European market


• full redesign of well proven concept
• many innovations in mechanics and electronics
• in-house design and moulds, premium materials
• directly sourced top quality components
• manufactured in PRC, full Oxboard control
• CE, FCC, UL and other official certificates

Oxboard is unique

an ingenious combination of smartly designed electronics and mechanics

high-quality high-speed sensors linked to rich software  

the very best components, including Xenon look (6000K) LED lights, red taillights and integrated status indicators, additional safety components like heat protection

Power Supply
chunky batteries for a range of up to 20kms  

robust design, including debris-resistant wheels, protected underside and rubber bumpers  

fully coloured PC/ABS materials for strength and reduced scuff visibility

• LOOKS: Design. OXBOARDS have a solid, good-looking design with in a variety of colors (NOT lacquered, which gets scratched much more quickly!).

• EMBEDDED PROTECTION: All outer plastic parts have an embedded rubber protection. Not glued, but with special 2K production technology the rubber is  fully embedded in the plastic. Made to protect and last.

• LIGHTS: 4 Bright white Xenon look (6000K) lights on the front. They provide an automotive appearance and safety during evening (outside) usage. 2 RED lights are installed on the back as taillights.

• CHARGER: Oxboard uses an improved charger with laptop-style charging plug that always fits immediately, regardless of positioning, and without the noisy and vulnerable fan. The adapter is branded with the Oxboard logo and is CE and UL certified. Made to double the battery lifetime because of controlled charging.

• BATTERY: The batteries are Samsung cells and carry the Samsung and OXBOARD logos. Made for 500-600 full charging cycles (approx 2 to 2,5 years of normal usage). The batteries are equipped with a diagnostic cable to check it's condition in case of warranty or repair.

• BATTERY SAFETY: Sturdy metal brackets keep cables and batteries in place

• SENSORS: Best in class with highest quality and materials. Even the rubber shore of the footpad sensors has been optimized for optimal movement and flexibility when leaning forward or backward. The result is a better self balancing product facilitating additional SPORT mode

• ELECTRONICS: All circuit boards are equipped with protective PCB coating for extra moist protection. Also water indicators have been added on all boards.

• SAFETY: Oxboard focusses on product safety and compliance with product safety regulations. All circuit boards and LEDs are protected by a fuse against overloading, so they will not short circuit. Another unique feature is the overload sensor on the motors to prevent overloading when requiring too much power.

• CONSTRUCTION: Vibration-proof screws won’t vibrate loose after riding for a time, unlike regular screws. Cover screws are made to facilitate (dis)assembly for easy swopping modules, parts or future upgrading.

• SOLID CENTER: The central swivel mechanism is coated to prevent it from blocking and product life-long functioning.

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